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Name ____Scott Beiter_________________________        Date____9/21___

Check Option/s                    Topic

___Observation/Evaluation                  ___Assessment
___Peer Coaching                               ___Instructional Modes
_x_Teacher Designed Program            _x_Implementation of New Materials
___Classroom Management
___Other ______________________

Peer Coaching Team Members

Teacher Designed Program – describe program (add sheets if necessary)

    This year I will be developing a new density unit based on a constructivist model. 
Students will develop the mental models of mass and volume before incorporating the
concept of density.  Students consistently score lower on the density portion (Wood
and Water) of the Performance ILA.  My goal is to increase student success on that
test item and other density test items that may be on the written test.  I will also be
further developing literacy lessons.  Students will be required to write more than in
previous years, and also reflect and revise writing.  Further reading strategies will also
be developed.

Questions/Comments: ______________________________
Teacher’s Signature: __________________________________Date:______________

Principal’s Signature: _________________________________Date:______________
            (a signed copy will be returned to the teacher)

*Principal retains right to observe and evaluate teachers as per the contract.

Development Plan sheet must be completed and returned to the principal by:

Friday, September________



Name: ___Scott Beiter____________________________        Date:    ___5/2008_____

1.    Please check the professional development option you pursued this year:

____Clinical observation

____Peer coaching

__X_Individually designed program

2.    Please check the topic of your professional development plan:

____Instructional Modes
__X_Implementation of New Instructional Materials
____Classroom Management
____Other (explain): ____________________________________________

3A.    Describe your progress.

    During this school year I developed and implemented a new density curriculum.  The unit,
though taking a great deal of time and effort, seems to have increased student lab skills and
understanding.  Due to this success the unit will be used again next school year with minor
adjustments to limit time spent on the unit.

3B.    Will this project continue into next year?  If so, explain,

    The unit will continue next year.  A few adjustments need to be made in terms of timing. 
The unit will also work in conjunction with a revised overall curriculum focusing on the kinetic
molecular theory.

1.    Did your work enhance professional growth, improve academic development (directly or indirectly)
or provide new insight into general and/or specific teaching or assessment models?  Explain.

     I have learned that as a teacher risks must be taken in order to increase professional and student achievement. 
I more strongly believe now in a scaffolded constructivist model of teaching.  Ideally, with a well built foundation,
additional knowledge can be more readily adopted into student conceptual models.

2.    What suggestions do you have to improve or expand the professional development plan (in general or specifics)?

     The professional development plans seem to build on each other.  In my case I seem to develop and adapt
curricula to a certain teaching model and all lessons are related, not isolated.

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