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Goals 2009 - 2010

1.    Goal (measurable)
Utilize various CELA strategies to improve science literacy in the classroom.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Use readers marks during reading activities.

Evidence of Achievement
    Increased engagement, recall, and thinking based on readings.

2.    Goal (measurable)
Expose the students to various science careers as part of the CFES program.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Have students complete projects on science careers during Science Lab.

Evidence of Achievement
    Completed projects on science careers.

3.    Goal (measurable)
Integrate at least one new type of technology into the Intermediate Level Science Curriculum

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Increase parent involvement using Engrade as an electronic web-based gradebook.

Evidence of Achievement
    Parents communicate more frequently and there is an increase in student work completion.

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