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Professional Development Plan


Name: ___Scott Beiter____________________________        Date:    __June 2010______

1.    Please check the professional development option you pursued this year:

____Clinical observation

____Peer coaching

__x_Individually designed program

2.    Please check the topic of your professional development plan:

____Instructional Modes
__x_Implementation of New Instructional Materials
____Classroom Management
____Other (explain): ____________________________________________

3A.    Describe your progress.

     The use of an online gradebook was a major change for myself, students, and parents.  This was done in part to experience a more dynamic approach to grades.  Though student and parent use of the gradebook was sporadic and below ideal levels I feel its use was a success.  Interactions with students and parents were positive.  Students who frequently viewed their grades were better able to not fall behind and ask for help if needed.
    Students have also continued to complete all end of unit summative assessments on Castle Learning.  A benefit to this was the addtion by Castle Learning of Elementary Science questions which often fall into my curriculum.  The online nature of Castle Learning proved beneficial a few times when students were unable to be in class, but could take the assessment from another location.  While in the computer lab students were encouraged to view their grades on Engrade after completing their test on Castle Learning.
    I also continued using different reading strategies this year.  Besides Reader's Marks I also incorporated the Questioning method (I Wonder?).

3B.    Will this project continue into next year?  If so, explain,

    Next year the district is adopting GradeSpeed which can also act as a parent portal.  I am hoping to be able to allow parent and student access to grades.  Castle Learning will also continue next year into General Chemistry as well.
    Additional literacy strategies and an expansion of existing strategies will also take place next year.

1.    Did your work enhance professional growth, improve academic development (directly or indirectly) or provide new insight into general and/or specific teaching or assessment models?  Explain.

     For the longest time grades were considered a teacher's sacred possesion.  The existence of a private teacher gradebook is quickly dissappearing.  Allowing student and parent access to grades is vital to promoting the development of relationships that benefit the student.  Next year I'm hoping to switch from a focus on grade reporting and summative assessments to formative assessments and student construction of knowledge.

2.    What suggestions do you have to improve or expand the professional development plan (in general or specifics)?


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