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Professional Development Plan


Name: _Scott Beiter__________________________________________               Date:   6/2012____________


1.                  Please check the professional development option you pursued this year:


____Clinical observation


____Peer coaching


__X__Individually designed program


2.                  Please check the topic of your professional development plan:



__X__Instructional Modes

____Implementation of New Instructional Materials

____Classroom Management

__X__Other (explain): TPT


3A.      Describe your progress.

I successfully implemented several participation techniques this school year including:  Stretch, Right is Right, and 100%.


3B.      Will this project continue into next year?  If so, explain,

I will continue using the TPTs into next year.  I feel it was a part of teaching my lessons were missing and needs to be retained.  I can’t imagine teaching without them.  I’m not sure yet what new techniques I may incorporate next year.


  1. Did your work enhance professional growth, improve academic development (directly or indirectly) or provide new insight into general and/or specific teaching or assessment models?  Explain.

These forms of assessment shouldn’t be overlooked by teachers.  Strong and effective questioning techniques in particular really hold students accountable, raise expectations in the classroom, and provided valuable feedback to the teacher.


  1. What suggestions do you have to improve or expand the professional development plan (in general or specifics)?

PLNs are an increasingly important to professional development.  Not sure how that works in to the PDP other than maybe having one.

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