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8. REFLECTIVE AND RESPONSIVE PRACTICES:  The teacher develops professionally by enhancing content knowledge and pedagogical skills.  The teacher is supportive of educational improvement goals.

APPR Planning Sheet 2011-2012

I have started a blog to document my reflections throughout the year.  The blog will reflect on lessons, total participation techniques, and other aspects of teaching and learning.

Summary of Progress
I wish I had more time to write on my blog.  Even now I have a few drafts in the works but due to family, work and all the rest, posts get stowed away till later.  I've averaged about a post every three months.  I'd like to get up to a post every other month but I'm not sure that will happen next year.

I have never thought of myself as much of a write.  Creative writing comes with even greater difficultly.  As with most good writing, a good blog requires good ideas with good execution.  I'll often have ideas for topics that don't pan out due to lack of time to really flesh out an idea.  Sometimes I'll also start writing what I want to be a quick post to only quickly realize much more needs to be written.  I'm still awaiting frequent readers to my blog.  I post on my Facebook and G+ when I post, but I'm not gaining much traction yet.  Though I'd like the discussion and community an active blog  creates it is not essential at this point.  The act of self reflection and improving my own writing will keep me posting for the time being.


Here is the link to the Blog.

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