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6. Student Assessment: The teacher maintains accurate records of student completion of assignments and student progress.  The teacher also plans for performance assessment and provides students with feedback to improve progress.

APPR Planning Sheet 2010-2011

This year saw the successful implimentation of GradeSpeed.  This enabled better record keeping and sharing of grades including:  teacher-student, teacher-teacher, and teacher-parent.

Summary of Progresss
Great effort was put into getting all Jr. Sr. High faculty using GradeSpeed.  I successfully used the online gradebook, parent portal, and alternate teacher feature.  GradeSpeed was better able to be accessed at home than StarBase and allowed gradebook updates from home or school.  Progress reports could easily be printed to give to parents or students when discussing progress.

I anticipate a great deal of change based on initial feedback from parents.  The parents I communicated with this year really enjoyed having immediate access to their child's grades.  I also expect that some students will take advantage of having their progress at their fingertips if given access.  The greatest change, though, is that of increased parent-teacher communication.  Parents will set up triggers to immediately contact them when their child's grade falls below a certain level.  Teachers need to anticipate the time required to respond to parents regarding student grades.  Teachers may want to encourage paretns to contact them by Notes on GradeSpeed or email only regarding grade questions.  I found the contact with parents was generally  not limited to one reponse, but multiple.  I expect there to be an initial glut of contact from parents through the first quarter as they become used to the system and how it works.

Note from parent regarding an assignment.
note from parent

Excel Spreadsheet used to calculate final averages since GradeSpeed failed to do so correctly.
Excel Spreadsheet

Sample Progress Report given to parents or students to update progress in class.  Notice, every assignment with credit given is provided.  Average is in top right corner.  Attendence listed on bottom (not shown in picture).
Progress Report

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