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Goals 2010 - 2011

1.    Goal (measurable)
Construct and impliment a plan of action to improve ILSA scores.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Analyze the ILSA NERIC Data to see where our students may have fallen below the state benchmarks.
    Identify student weaknesses and impliment teaching strategies to improve them.

Evidence of Achievement
Item analysis documents were not received from NERIC this year.  We were unable to check with items students failed to meet benchmarks and in turn remediate instruction.  Attention was instead focused on developing district based tests for assessing student knowledge throughout the year.   

2.    Goal (measurable)
Teacher Performance Evaluation

Steps to Achieve Goal
Develop a tool for evaluating student knowledge of specific ILSA subject matter that will measure student gain throughout the year.

Evidence of Achievement
Developing an assessment for ILSA subject matter to measure students gains has required some thinking and the successive effort.  I have decided to begin and end the year with a test on all 8th grade ILSA material.  Between the two large tests will be quarterly assessments.  I feel a pre-test is essential in order to track any statistically significant gains in knowledge between the beginning and end of year.  A t-test using pre and post test scores can determine significance.

3.    Goal (measurable)
Improve parent communication of students' grades

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Impliment the Grade Speed grading system

Evidence of Achievement
The implimentation of Grade Speed and the Parent Portal occurred through several phases.  The initial phase was for all Jr. Sr. High School teachers to use Grade Speed as their electronic gradebook.  I was an early adopter in this phase and helped facilitate, via team and technology committee meetings, the learning of the program by other faculty.  Scheduled training sessions, though not perfect, were helpful in getting the faculty on Grade Speed.

Once all faculty were using Grade Speed the district was able to impliment the Parent Portal.  Several families were asked to participate.  After the implimentation of the program I almost immediately began receiving emails from parents regarding their child's progress.  Below is part of an email thread received from a parent:

Need more clarification.  You state the grade is only an S or U; therefore, where does the 67 come from?  Missing no labs last quarter...okay.  So he's missing labs this quarter?  If yes, how many?

I think I understand what needs some clarification.  Labs are graded out of 3 points.  I have graded one lab this quarter which he received a 2/3 on.  This is equal to the 67%.  The percent grade at is very misleading at the beginning of the quarter.  As long as he gets full credit on successive labs his percent will quickly go up.  For instance, a 3/3 on the lab due today will bring his percent to 83% in lab.  I hope this information helps.

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