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Professional Development Plan


Name: ___Scott Beiter____________________________        Date:    __June 2011______

1.    Please check the professional development option you pursued this year:

____Clinical observation

_x__Peer coaching

____Individually designed program

2.    Please check the topic of your professional development plan:

__x_Assessment (GradeSpeed)
____Instructional Modes
____Implementation of New Instructional Materials
_x__Classroom Management (GradeSpeed)
____Other (explain): ____________________________________________

3A.    Describe your progress.

     Fran and I worked together to learn to use GradeSpeed and become comfortable with it.  We successfully established electronic gradebooks for both our Junior and Senior High classes.  Inconsistencies and issues with grades were a result more of the program itself rather than user error.

3B.    Will this project continue into next year?  If so, explain,

    I really wish we didn't have to continue using GradeSpeed.  There were numerous schoolwide issues that made the program less than desirable.  My collaboration with Fran in this effort has evolved from direct instruction to addressing infrequent specific inquiries regarding the program.  We have become mostly self-sufficient.  This may change if the parent portal is opened next year.

4.    Did your work enhance professional growth, improve academic development (directly or indirectly) or provide new insight into general and/or specific teaching or assessment models?  Explain.

     The work this year did help bring Fran up to speed quickly in using GradeSpeed.  This also enabled me to anticipate problems and questions when doing larger professional development sessions.  Our work with GradeSpeed this year gives us (individually and as a district) a firm base on which to evaluate future Student Management Systems (SMS).  I also believe one of the biggest challenges for faculty will be the ParentPortal.  Meeting this challenge will better prepare us for any future implimented SMS.  Along with a SMS/parent portal is needed a good CMS (classroom management system).  I will be using Edmodo next year to bridge the gap between parent, child, and assignment.  On the website I can post assignment and provide links to work for students to complete.

5.    What suggestions do you have to improve or expand the professional development plan (in general or specifics)?

    My plan will continue to include emerging and existing technologies and their use in the classroom.  Though technologies are not essential for learning content in many fields, they are essential for learning the content within the context of the 21st century.

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