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5.  Student Development and Diversity

Evidence 3

The Human Brain:  How it works and how you think

I decided to introduce a new mini unit on the human brain this year.  My thinking started with this article (rt click and open in new window) by Carol Dweck.  I was personally interested in how students perceived intelligence (being smart).

I began the lesson by showing the slide show below and reading aloud what they wrote in response to the questions at the end.

We later went over the basic parts of the brain.  We watched a video and the students wrote a paragraph about how the brain works.

We will next discuss how easily the brain in fooled by viewing and discussing the slide show below.

Our next series of discussions on the brain will involve learning styles, multiple intelligences, and autism spectrum disorders (if I can produce a viable curricula).  Students will be provided assessments to gauge their learning style and intelligence mode. 

Student Development and Diversity


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