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Students will be assessed througout the lesson based on written responses on the Analysis Sheet and during discussions.  The culminating assessment is the created print advertisement.  The student generated advertisement can be assessed using the rubric below.

Grading Rubric
4 pts
3 pts
2 pts
1 pts
Advertisement shows how product is sold to a particular audience.  Several parts of the advertisement sell to a specific audience.
A specific audience is addressed.
A specific audience is somewhat addressed.
No specific audience is addressed.
Key science words are used to sell the product.  Science statements are made.
Key words are used correctly but not effectively.
Key words are there but used incorrectly.
No science key words are present.
Text is legilble and large.  Pictures are well placed and advertisement is not too "busy".
Text and visuals may distract from each other but overall design is good.
Text is illegible or visuals are confusing.
Text is illegible and visuals confusing.
Spelling/ Grammar
No spelling or grammar errors.
1 error.
2 errors.
3 or more errors.

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