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Goals 2008 - 2009

1.    Goal (measurable)
Continue to increase number of 3 and 4 scores on the NYS Science ILA.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Introduce additional constructivist lessons which address multiple intelligences.
    Realign curriculum including switching when physics and chemistry is taught.

Evidence of Achievement
    Increased number of students scoring 3 and 4 on the NYS Science ILA.

2.    Goal (measurable)
Develop additional lessons incorporating technology into my curriculum.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Write lesson plans and develop skills to better incorporate technology into the curriculum.

Evidence of Achievement
    Additional lesson plans are written that use instructional technology.

3.    Goal (measurable)
Organize and maintain storage room M308A.

Steps to Achieve Goal
    Order chemical storage cabinets.
    Order storage cabinets.
    Establish Hazardous Waste removal location.
    Remove clutter.

Evidence of Achievement
    Items are in place and room is clean.
    Removal location is marked and operational.

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