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Professional Development Plan


Name: ___Scott Beiter____________________________        Date:    __June 2009______

1.    Please check the professional development option you pursued this year:

____Clinical observation

____Peer coaching

__x_Individually designed program

2.    Please check the topic of your professional development plan:

____Instructional Modes
__x_Implementation of New Instructional Materials
____Classroom Management
____Other (explain): ____________________________________________

3A.    Describe your progress.
     I have made considerable progress in meeting my program goals.  The lesson I developed using Electrocity (an energy use simulation) was successful in several areas.  First of all, it increased student motivation but also seemed to increase content knowledge of the topic.  Though I could not find the time to implement the kinetic theory lesson my overall emphasis on the concept increased student understanding.

3B.    Will this project continue into next year?  If so, explain,

    I already have and will continue to produce additional lessons which will integrate technology in a constructivist classroom environment.  I hope to further the lessons, though, by better relating objectives to assessment indicators.

1.    Did your work enhance professional growth, improve academic development (directly or indirectly) or provide new insight into general and/or specific teaching or assessment models?  Explain.

     My Electrocity lesson demonstrated to me in the concrete how computer-based technology can enhance student understanding.  There is some risk involved in implementing new materials/lessons and in this case the result was successful.

2.    What suggestions do you have to improve or expand the professional development plan (in general or specifics)?

    I feel the overall focus in my curriculum development from curriculum map to lesson plans has been the alignment of objectives, skills (lessons), and assessment components.  This is where the emphasis needs to be.  The success of the Electrocity, I believe, was due to the intentional alignment of the components.

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