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2. Preparation: The teacher shall demonstrate appropriate preparation employing the necessary pedagogical practices to support instruction.

APPR Planning Sheet 2008-2009

Development and implimentation of a website for use with final project.  The website provides additional coherence and structure.

Summary of Progresss
At the end of the school year I have students complete a final project which includes a research paper, a display, and presentation.  Each students chooses an influential thinker from a list to study.  During my summer graduate class Educational Computing I began construction and assembly of website materials for students and parents to access.  The site was originally intended to be all-inclusive so that even students in tutoring or otherwise unavailable to attend classes could complete the project.  The site, however, could not be implimented as is and had to be adapted as to fit the parameters of the district webpage.  The site was up and available for use during the project.  Students were also given the option for the first time to construct a Glog as a display.

Influential Thinkers Project

The Influential Thinkers Project is a 3-4 week assignment.  Due to the time over which students work on this project documents are lost and important class sessions are sometimes missed by students.  Most students at this stage have very little experience writing a formal research paper.  For this reason additional help is provided via the website.  I personally found the website useful when e-mailing parents about the project and presenting students information in the library.  In the future I intent to broaden exposure to the website via the parent bulliten and other means to be determined.  At the moment it is difficult to asertain the direct impact of the website on student success with no  correlated data between website visits and scores. nor is there even much anectotal evidence.  A trend that may be considered fruitful in the future to examine is the number of paper and displays turned in on time next year compared to this year.  One would expect an increase in paper completion rate to correspond to an increase in website knowledge and access.  My expectations for this year, however, we tempered by my step-wise approach to the webpage integration.  My goal this year was to make the website available.  Next year I will focus on further integration and promotion.

Sample of Student Research Paper

Sample Student Glog for Display

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